2016年12月2日 星期五

Acrosser Technology Co., Ltd. (Acrosser), a pioneer in the evolution of global industrial embedded computing

The 10.1” to 21.5” Projective Capacitive Multi-Touch and Single Resistive Touch Industrial-grade Panel PCs from Acrosser Promote Overall Productivity, Improves Efficiency in the Office and Factory Floor Workplace Environments, Saves Employee Time and Cost, and Optimizes Corporate Real Estate Resources.

Acrosser Technology Co., Ltd. (Acrosser), a pioneer in the evolution of global industrial embedded computing, HMI, fanless touch panel PC, industrial-grade thin client, Single Board Computer or SBC, rugged in-vehicle computer with CANbus, and networking products; manufactures 10.1” to 21.5” industrial touch panel PC and HMI series with built-in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The key feature of this product line is its PoE capability which allows for a network cable to simultaneously carry both electrical power and data connection along a single twisted pair Ethernet or LAN cable. Nowadays, the need for end devices (such as IP cameras, wireless access points) continue to expand for communications, collaboration, security and productivity. The growing need for PoE capabilities to support these end devices with increased power requirements is essential as it  reduces energy consumption by providing network resiliency at a lower cost through consolidation of backup power (like in telecom and equipment closets).  Moreover, it facilitates faster deployment of new building access networking infrastructures by eliminating the need for power outlets at every end-point. 

This versatile PC line combines the simplicity and ease in installation that PoE brings together with sleek compact design, aluminum die-cast bezel and housing, in an open X86 architecture that delivers a powerful ruggedized industrial computing solution, all in one package. The LCD display screen is fully integrated into a slim contemporary-designed aluminum IP 65 front bezel, utilizing the latest in Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology. PCT technology is a capacitance system that delivers a sensitive and accurate two-touch interactive user experience. This is the same technology we now interact with on a daily basis through usage and applications on our smart phones, tablets, and laptops to enhance our digital lives. 

Powered by either (your choice from) an embedded Intel® Atom™ N2600 or D2550 Dual-Core processor and Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Operating System (optional), the Acrosser Multi-Touch PoE Panel PC offers an optimum combination of processing performance, communication and power management, form factor and open X86 architecture. All these in an All-in-One package that   ensures reliability, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness across different applications with connectivity between other devices. 

The widely-popular 10.1” multi-touch screen HMI panel PC, (a.k.a. Reservation Panels, Meeting Room Scheduler, Hallway Panel Display, or Patient Room Display), allows easy use and interaction with a scheduling software, with the availability of a powerful open embedded X86 platform that allows programming with other productivity tools and serves as an employee general informational board (such as weather, local traffic, local news briefs) that improve efficiency and teamwork while enhancing the workplace environment. 

In the factory floor, this same 10.1” HMI industrial panel computer displays or industrial comfort panels are used for HMI/SCADA applications as well as Machine-to-Machine or M2M. Some common vertical markets include: corporate and digital workplace environments, building automation and building management, medical and healthcare, government and education, as well as home security and automation. The applications are varied such as: industrial monitoring and access control, room scheduling and reservations, interactive patient room information displays; as well as remote home security, monitoring, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Also, PoE capability is not limited to 10.4” panel PC displays. Acrosser offers PoE in various display screen sizes, as follows: 10.1”/ 12.1”/ 15”/ 17”/ 21.5”. 
Capitalizing on its vast experience in industrial embedded computing technology, these Acrosser PoE panel PCs are relatively simple to mount and configure. 

Acrosser’s experienced sales and engineering staff are fully knowledgeable of the multiple configuration mounting scenarios in  various major projects, be it In-Wall (flush mount), On-Wall (surface mount) using VESA standard mounting plates, brackets, or arms.  

About Acrosser Technology Co.
Headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, with four (4) offices in China and one (1) in the USA in Cypress, California, Acrosser is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of COTS (commercial-off-the shelf) hardware technology products: all-in-one HMI industrial panel PCs, monitors, and embedded computerssingle board computers (SBC), ruggedized in-vehicle computers with internal CANbus, and network appliances. 

Established in 1987, Acrosser offers twenty-nine (29) solid years of expertise in the fields of industrial automation and control, digital visualization in modern workplace environment; embedded computing solutions for vertical markets such as healthcare, transportation and gaming; as well as network security and unified threat management (UTM). The company prides itself with a roster of high quality technology products it manufactures for its own branding, as well as custom solutions for major OEM/ODM/JDM projects. Through the years, the company had built a strong in-depth engineering design base, diverse board fabrication capabilities, flexible system integration and production. Acrosser’s non-stop pursuit of excellence in quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in the company meeting various industrial standards and certifications such as: ISO9001/ CE/ FCC and UL Furthermore, Acrosser had established an MRPII program that manages materials and resources leading to higher production efficiencies. Acrosser manufacturing centers utilize a world-class customer-driven ERP system to achieve high flexibility and real-time response. 

Acrosser, is 100% committed to providing its OEM/ ODM/ JDM and end-user clientele with high-quality innovative embedded computer solutions and networking appliances for shorter time-to-market and in achieving higher competence to win business opportunities in the market place. 

Currently, Acrosser Technology has 10 Panel PC with PoE product lines:
10"-AR-PA710FL / AR-PA710PFL - N2600    AR-PA810FL / AR-PA810PFL - N2930 

12"-AR-PA812FL / AR-PA812PFL - N2930    AR-PA712FL / AR-PA712PFL - D2550/N2600 
15"-AR-PA715FL / AR-PA715PFL - N2600
    AR-PA815FL / AR-PA815PFL - N2930

17"-AR-PA717FL / AR-PA717PFL - D2550
    AR-PA817FL / AR-PA817PFL - N2930

21"-AR-PA721FL / AR-PA721PFL - D2550    AR-PA821FL / AR-PA821PFL - N2930 
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2016年11月24日 星期四

Finding a reliable ISA board supplier for their vintage CNC machines is a challenge

ACROSSER Technology, a world-leading industrial computer manufacturer, introduces its ISA board,AR-B8172, which targets the value-based CNC machining and automation industry. As industrial automation techniques advance, the original manufacturing facilities are being phased out and be replaced with the new ones. But for factory owners with constrained budgets, finding a reliable ISA board supplier for their vintage CNC machines is a challenge. Acrosser’s fanless AR-B8172 ISA board offers accurate respond to your computer numeric control machine, and can overcome the heat dissipation difficulties encountered in factories. Customers can also purchase chassis, integrating theISA board to the machine all at once.

ISA boards are commonly used in industrial automation. They connect the CPU, motion controller cards, and other I/O interfaces. CNC machining and electrical discharge machining are perfect examples of ISA board applications.

Stability and cost-efficiency are two benefits of ISA boards. But Acrosser’s AR-B8172 offers even more features for your CNC machine, including:
1. Fanless design
2. Support for PC/104 interfaces
3. Support for multi-input devices
4. Durability, stability, and ease of integration
5. SRAM for data storage
And last but not least, Acrosser’s field application engineering team provides advanced services using their in-depth technical service and knowledge. It is Acrosser’s quality products and attentive service that makes your manufacturing goods unstoppable and profitable!

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2016年11月17日 星期四

The AMB-IH61T3 possesses high connectivity and multiple high-speed I/O ports.

ACROSSER Technology, a leading provider of industrial and embedded computers, debuted the AMB-IH61T3 today, an industrial Mini-ITX motherboard with the highest cost-performance ratio yet, powered by an Intel H61 chipset supporting 3rd/2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processors.
Generous I/O Connectivity
The AMB-IH61T3 possesses high connectivity and multiple high-speed I/O ports. Built with 8 USB ports/headers and 10 serial ports/headers, this board provides sufficient and flexible connection possibilities, especially for KIOSK and industrial automation system integrators to link and manage multiple peripherals.

Expandable Graphic Power and Functionality
The Mini-ITX AMB-IH61T3 equipped with a PCI-E x16 slot, brings you not only more expanded functionality, but also enhanced graphic power. You can even choose to leverage an additional graphics card on top of the slot to improve visual effects for any kind of gaming application, or use the multiple displays for industrial automation purposes.
The industrial PC industry has been craving smaller, more affordable portable computing devices. We responded to this demand by introducing our cost-effective Mini-ITX platform AMB-IH61T3, making mini-computing more usable and redefining the embedded SBC market.

Here’s our AMB-IH61T3 Product Film
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2016年11月9日 星期三

Stability and reliability are absolutely the first 2 priority considerations for buyers because even for a short period mechanical failure will cause great loss in business.

According to MBAlib website (Chinese), in general, the RASUM guideline is the most commonly used for evaluating server products, and the so-called RASUM guideline consists of the first letters of the five important criteria for selecting the server.

No matter web server, mail server or other network application platform, stability and reliability are absolutely the first 2 priority considerations for buyers because even for a short period mechanical failure will cause great loss in business.

In all-sized enterprises, the server must work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without any pause, to provide services to customers and users constantly. The server is asked to have long-term stability, therefore, availability is similar to reliability, both of them point out that the machine should be durable and with low failure rate.

Server must have a certain degree of scalability because the technology continues to improving. If the server does not have some scalability, then the previous investment will become a waste, and this waste is a luxury for any business. Therefore, in order to maintain scalability, the server must have reserved spaces for expansions, such as for HDD and RAM expansions and operation system upgrade.

Compared with personal computers, the servers need more professional maintenance from skilled IT staff. However, IT staffs have become busier because of the popularity of UTM which integrated several systems in one machine. To solve this potential problem, manufacturers must consider usability, such as accessibility, friendly user interface, when they design the server product. 

Although we expect servers to run continuously, system errors still happen, no matter how good the products are. A good management and monitoring system can eliminate unnecessary failures, reduce the chance of system errors, and improve server efficiency, as well as the IT staff efficiency.

Acrosser Technology network appliances are fully compliant with RASUM guideline. Acrosser Technology not only provides products with high reliability and availability, but also provides our customers appliances with the best scalability and manageability in the industry. Choosing Acrosser Technology is your best choice for building servers and workstations.

Currently, Acrosser Technology has 6 network appliance product lines:

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2016年11月2日 星期三

Currently Acosser supply customers with 2 main network products

Acrosser manufactures network security hardware for your UTM and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). Under the x86 based structure, the network appliance can perform applications from firewall, VPN, gateway security, VOIP to bandwidth management and intrusion detection. 

Acrosser provides high quality Network Server Hardware/ Network Appliance for network security applications. Currently Acosser supply customers with 2 main network products: 1U Rackmount and Micro Box. These high quality network server hardware and network appliances are ideal for network security and network communication applications. All products feature scalable platform including Intel Atom, Core 2 Duo, Core i with single core up to quad core.

For more product information and the cost of products? Please receive a product quote RIGHT NOW!http://www.acrosser.com/inquiry.html#.V-idTPl951s

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